How To Fix Broken Blinds?

By Curtainal on February 24, 2023

how to fix broken blinds

Are you tired of constantly struggling with broken blinds that just won’t cooperate? Well, you’re not alone. Broken blinds can be a frustrating problem, but fortunately, there are solutions.

From identifying the problem to troubleshooting and repair techniques, we’ve got you covered. Curtain Alterations Dubai, we’re going to explain the easiest and cheapest DIY fixes for your broken window blinds.

Reasons of broken blinds

Below, we’ve briefly explained all the possible reasons for damaged or broken window blinds.

1. Tangled Cords Or Slats

Quickly pulling the cords downwards to open the blinds may result in tangled cords. Similarly, any obstruction in the slats while opening or closing the blinds can get them tangled or damaged. Not to mention that the blinds can’t function properly if either the cords or the slats are tangled.

2. Bent Slats

The window blinds of low-quality are a no-purchase option because they can get bent even with the slightest pressure. And, that is a common problem if someone in your home leans against the window blinds (such as) while in a conversation. A bent slat will get stuck in the headrail and therefore, you’ll face issues/problems regarding the functional mechanism of the window blinds.

3. Malfunctioning Mechanism

It may be that your window blinds have a built-in defect for operation and therefore, you might experience problems related to functional controls. If that’s the case, the ideal approach is to contact the blinds’ manufacturer and tell them the story.

The Signs Of Damaged Or Broken Window Blinds

How can you tell that your window blinds have got damaged? Obviously, there are some signs or indications that explain the scenario or the problem. We’ve briefly explained them below.

  1. The blinds won’t open or close and/or are stuck in one place.
  2. The slats function but don’t properly rotate and sometimes get stuck in one position.
  3. The cords are jammed and won’t get pulled for making the blinds function.

The Step-By-Step Explanation To Fix Broken Window Blinds

Both vertical and horizontal blinds share some common damage problems that need to be resolved just the same way. Below, we’ve explained the ideal solutions to different damage scenarios for window blinds.

1. Fixing Tangled Cords

The first thing is to unknot the tangled cords for a quick-fix approach. However, if that’s not possible, then you need to buy and replace the cords with a new set. For this purpose, you’ll have to open the blinds’ headrail and de-rail the cords from the operating mechanism. Then, attach the new set of cords and you’re good to go about your day.

2. Straightening Bent Slats

No matter whether you’ve aluminum or any other window blinds, never try to put pressure on the bent slats for fixing. Doing so will only make the situation worse or even in some cases, you may end up getting the slats completely broken.

The ideal approach is to detach the bent slats and put them in a bathtub containing hot water. The temperature will help you ease the slats into a straight position. Or, you can do that by hitting the bent end of the blinds with a wooden hammer. When doing so, never put too much force and always place the blinds on a flat surface.

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3. Replace Individual Slats

To replace the broken slat or slats, you have to remove the plugs using the screwdriver located on the sides of the windows that keep the blinds intact. After that, you have to pull out the cords and start removing each slat one by one until you reach the damaged one.

Take out and replace that damaged slat or slats and start inserting all the slats through the bottom rail. Now, you need to have the cords tied again after passing them through the bottom rail. Finally, the plugs can be installed to finalize the replacement process.

4. Replace The Faulty Mechanism

If your window blinds come with a faulty mechanism, the manufacturer is to be contacted and the blinds are to be sent back for repair or replacement. However, if you’re unable to do so due to any unforeseen circumstances, the DIY replacement is to be carried out.

For this purpose, you need to lift up the wand sleeve and slide out the tilt wand using your fingers. Pry up and away to lift the blinds’ header and unhook the end clips by pulling them towards you in an upward motion. Remove the window blinds and replace the tilt wand by sliding it out of the headrail.

5. Tighten Loose Screws

It can happen that the screws holding the window blinds have come loose and your window blinds have not remained even in position. In that case, the blinds won’t function smoothly unless you tighten the screws using a screwdriver.

Also, if the cords are mobile and only require additional force to function, it means you need to oil the operating mechanism to alleviate the effect of friction. Otherwise, it will lead to jammed cords if left untreated.

Some Important Measures For Smooth Blinds’ Operation & Damage Prevention

Follow the guidelines listed below to ensure that your window blinds remain in proper function for a long period of time.

  • Regularly clean your window blinds to minimize the chances of dust and dirt accumulation in the headrail thus, preventing jammed cords and slats.
  • Lubricate the operating mechanism and the headrail with oil or grease to make the window blinds function smoothly.
  • Never hush to open or close the blinds as it can lead to tangled cords and broken slats.
  • Always remember that pulling the cords with excessive force will get them broken and can cost you time, effort, and money.

See Our Step by Step Easy Tutorial Guide

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Average Lifespan Of Window Blinds?

Good quality window blinds can last about 7-8 years with good care and maintenance practices.

2. What Should Be Taken Into Account Before Selecting Blinds?

You need to keep in mind the interior design, insulation requirements, style of the blinds, window size, interior lighting needs, moisture susceptibility, material quality, and pricing factor.

3. Can Blinds Be Repaired Instead Of Replacement?

Bent window blind slats and tangled cords can be repaired or fixed. Similarly, the tilt wand and damaged slats are to be replaced for the smooth functioning of the window blinds.

4. How Do I Know If My Blinds Are Beyond Repair?

You need to look for signs such as warped slats, impossible-to-raise slats, discolored blinds, frayed cords, slats not closing tightly, out-of-fashion profiles, etc.

5. Can I Fix The Blinds Myself Or Should I Hire A Professional?

This relies entirely on the circumstance and your preferences. For large-scale issues like replacing the faulty mechanism, it’s best that you hire a professional. Whereas, simple problems like bent slats and tangled cords can be DIY fixed.

6. Should Broken Blinds Be Repaired Or Replaced?

It depends on the extent of damage and whether or if the functionality of the blinds will get affected. If so, you should choose a different option as a replacement.

7. How Do I Fix My Blinds That Won’t Close?

Find the cause of the problem i.e. jammed cords, faulty tilt wand, etc. Release the blinds by poking the pin lock using a screwdriver. Replace or repair (depending on the situation) the faulty apparatus. Make sure there is enough lubrication for the smooth functioning of the window blinds.

8. Are Vertical Blinds Good For Small Windows?

Yes, vertical blinds are great for small-sized windows because windows can be made to seem spacious and well-defined with vertical blinds.

9. Do Vertical Blinds Offer Privacy?

Yes, vertical blinds offer absolute privacy when closed and there is no need to worry about intruding eyes or glance breaches.


Fixing broken blinds may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done easily and effectively. At CurtainShopDubai, we understand the importance of having functioning blinds in your home or office. That’s why we offer a wide range of blind repair services, from minor repairs to complete overhauls.

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