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If you’re looking to hang curtains in your home, you’ll need to invest in good-quality curtain tape. We are Curtain Alterations Company that carry a wide variety of products, from blinds and shutters to roller shades and these things need drapery hooks, so Curtain Tape for Hooks is very important.

So if you want your curtains to look their best, make sure you have the right tape on hand before you start hanging them.

Our Curtain Tape with Rings or Ripple Fold Tape is perfect for increasing your home’s vision, light, privacy, and energy efficiency and comes in many different styles to suit your needs.

curtain tape Dubai

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We have every type of tape available for Wave Curtain or Curtain Tape for Lining. We have the solution for the holes punched in the top and back for curtain where you can use Curtain Tape. It always keeps the curtains looking good and a perfect solution to make your curtains look longer.

curtain tape Dubai
curtain tape Dubai


curtain tape Dubai

Endless Features of Curtain Tape

Curtain Tapes for Privacy Curtain Poles

Curtain Tape for Poles offers privacy for children and parents, as well as shades that offer security.

Motorization & Smart Home System

The modern hand sews curtain with Curtain Trim Tape or easy-to-install Curtain Slide Tape with the latest shade technology will keep your home more comfortable

Energy Saver Drapes with Unique Tape

Let in or block out sunlight as needed. Automate your shades with our remote, mobile, or voice controls for added convenience.

Versatile Benefits of Buying Our Curtain Tape

✓ Even pleating: Curtain tape has properly aligned spaced pockets that ensure perfect pleats when the tape is pulled tight.

✓ Compatibility: Curtain tape works well with a variety of fabrics, including lightweight sheers, heavy drapes, and everything in between. 

✓ Adjustable fullness: You can adjust the fullness of the curtains. You can also create a more streamlined and modern look fuller

✓ Flexibility: Without stretching or tearing, curtain tape can withstand the weight of heavy curtains.

curtain tape Dubai

Imported Branded Material

100% Water Resistant

Installation Within 48hrs

curtain-tape dubai

Select Featured Curtain Tapes

Comparison: Curtain Tape Vs Clip Rings

Curtain Tape

🔧 Curtain tape is a strip of fabric with evenly spaced pockets that you sew onto the top of your curtains.

🔧 Curtain tape allows you to create pleats and folds in your curtains for a more formal look.

🔧 More time-consuming to sew the tape onto your curtains compared to using ring clips.

🔧 Good option if you want a classic, traditional look for your curtains.

🔧 Curtain tape can be more expensive than ring clips since it requires additional materials and more sewing time.

Ring Clips

🔧 Ring clips are small metal or plastic rings with clips that you can attach directly to the top of your curtains

🔧 They don’t allow you to create pleats or folds in your curtains, so they are better suited for a more casual, relaxed look.

🔧 Good option if you want a quick and easy way to hang your curtains, or if you want to change the curtains frequently.

🔧 Good option if you want a modern, fancy look for your curtains.

🔧 Ring clips are generally more affordable than curtain tape since they don’t require any additional materials or sewing.

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I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

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curtain tape Dubai


Curtain tape hangs curtains. The strong, sturdy tape holds heavy drapes in place and removes easily without damaging walls

Sew eyelet curtain tape to your curtains’ tops. Straight or zigzag stitches work. Leave enough tape slack for easy curtain opening and closing.

Measure your window width and height. Mark a line on the wall for the curtains using the level. Cut tape to size and insert the curtain rod.

Cut waterfall curtain tape to length before stitching. Straight stitch the tape’s top edge and tape the fabric equally. Seal the gathers with a second straight stitch down the tape’s bottom.

It’s not advised to iron curtain header tape as heat can distort and weaken tape. Iron the tape on a low heat setting to avoid overheating it.

They can be put on rod-like other curtains, giving beauty to any space. Tapestries can create a dark, comforting environment by filtering light.

Rethreading curtain tape is tough. remove the old tape thread and the fresh thread through the tape. Finally, knot the new thread to the old.

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