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At Curtain Alterations Dubai Store, we specialize in custom-made curtain hooks according to your precise measurements. Our curtains can be used in large and small spaces to create separation while allowing easy access.

curtain hooks Dubai
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New Interior Design Trends & Technology is also a big part of our operation, and we have implemented several internal software to monitor production and ensure modernism in product quality. So be relaxed to order at our store. We always secure your back.


Discover Big Range for Curtain Track Hooks

We use a combination of transparent and opaque PVC vinyl hooks, including Plastic, Pencil Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Holder Hooks, and Curtain Tie Back Hooks. The type of hook you need will depend on your specific needs.

curtain hooks Dubai
curtain hooks Dubai

Next-Generation Types of Curtain Hooks For Dearest Window Dressings

Clip Rings


2 Prong Hooks

Heading Hooks

4 Prong Hooks

Valance Pins

Same Day Appointment

Fitted Within 48 Hours

10% Discount

curtain hooks Dubai

Providing Various Curtain Hooks Types for the Industrial Purposes

  1. Warehouse Dividers / Room Separation Curtain Hooks with Clips.
  2. Body Shop Bay / Spray Paint Booth/ need Curtain Hooks Wall to hang plastic curtains.
  3. Lumber Yard Curtains require Curtain Hanging Rods
  4. Hotel bathroom curtains with Shower Curtain Hooks
  5. Restaurant Patio Curtains Hooks with Curtain Rails
  6. House, Townhouse, or Apartment Patio & Porch Curtains with Curtain Glider Hooks or Curtain Hooks and Rings.
  7. Canopy or Gazebo with Metal Curtain Hooks with wheels

Benefits of Buying Curtain Hooks From us

/ Better draping

/ Protect Your Curtains

/ Easy to remove

/ Easy installation

/ Keep Curtains Neat

/ Durable

Comparison Between Curtain Hooks Vs Curtain Rings

Curtain Hooks

🔨 Typically “S”-shaped hooks that are inserted into the top of the curtain fabric.

🔨 Used with a track or a rod with eyelets.

🔨 May not work as well with grommet-top and tab-top curtains.

🔨 Require manual effort to insert into the fabric and may be more difficult to remove.

🔨 Can be hidden behind the curtain fabric, providing a cleaner look.

🔨 Generally less expensive than curtain rings.

Curtain Rings

🔨 Circular rings with a small hook or clip attached to them.

🔨 Designed to be used with a curtain rod.

🔨 Compatible with grommet-top and tab-top curtains.

🔨 Generally easier to install and remove, as they simply slide onto the curtain rod.

🔨 May be visible depending on the size and style of the ring.

🔨 Comparatively expensive than curtain hooks

Exclusive Gallery of Our Endearing Curtain Hooks

What They’re Saying?

I recently used this curtain stitching service company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Dzila Dik

I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

Mirna Bitar

The alterations were done well and the curtains looked great, but the customer service was lacking. I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. Overall, I would use them again for the quality of their work, but they must improve customer service.

Salim Abid
curtain hooks Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Try using a magnetic curtain rod holder instead of the hook.

Plastic hooks can be recycled if they are made with recycled materials. However, they comprise virgin materials that can’t be recycled.

Make a knot to needle and thread. Poke the needle through the curtain fabric, loop the thread around the hook, and insert the needle.

Mark the wall where the hooks are after determining the height. Drill pilot holes at the wall marks, and tighten the screws in the pilot.

Ensure your curtain hooks fit and fasten the curtain hooks to the cloth. And while opening and shutting curtains, avoid catching the hooks.

Metal hooks should be twisted to fasten. Use glue to secure plastic hooks. Hang curtains on a rod after attaching the hooks.

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