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Installing our motorized curtains Dubai is the best option to make your windows luxurious and automatic. Make your life effortless with these remote-control window curtains. These curtains are best for saving time and energy at the same time.

Best motorized curtains in dubai

Add Luxury to Your Place with Our Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Our store is one of the best that provides high-quality and advanced motorized curtains in Dubai. Our curtains are made for those who want comfort and luxury in their rooms. By using these automatic curtains you can effortlessly adjust your windows. 

We are the most popular smart curtain supplier in the United Arab Emirates. You’ll never regret buying these modern and luxury curtains adding comfort to your homes and offices. We provide a 5 year guarantee of our installed automatic window curtains.

Motorized curtains in dubai

Automate Your Windows Today With Our Motorized Curtains Dubai  

Our motorized curtains are designed to work with a remote control. It adds more functionality and privacy to your home. If you’re away from windows or don’t want to move from the bed, then you can use these curtains to automatically shut down or up. The curtain rods of these drapes operate with remote control.

If you’re going to sleep or going far from home you can set the timer to auto-close the curtains. Our motorized curtains in Dubai are available at affordable prices. Now, your window’s control is at your fingertips.

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We Customize Motorized Curtains with Perfection

We offer modern customized automatic curtains. From plenty of designs and colors, you can choose your favorite curtain and ask for customization. With our customization offer, we make sure to provide perfectly customized motorized curtains Dubai that fit your room, style and budget. We adjust curtains according to the dimensions of your windows, the theme, and the colors of your room.

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Order Our Motorized Curtains Online and Get 10% Off 

Do you want the control of your windows in your hand? Then buy our motorized curtains online in Dubai. Even with discounted prices, we offer our services at very pocket friendly rates. After providing these high-technology curtains at affordable prices for your home and offices we aim to offer more than this.

  • Reasonable Prices
  • Free Samples
  • 100% Quality Assurance

15 dB Less Noise

Made To Measure

Competitive Price

motorized curtains dubai

Choose from Versatile Motorized Curtains Collection 

We have a vast design, and style collection of the latest motorized curtains in Dubai. Our variety of automatic blackout curtains adds privacy and comfort to your windows and gives a royal look.

You will find the endless variety of designs and colors of smart curtains at our shop. We aim to provide satisfaction to our customer’s needs by providing the best curtain that will be a perfect fit for your home or your office.

You can pick any curtain fabric to turn it into automatic window treatment. According to your preferred curtain material and design, we will provide the most admirable smart curtains in Dubai.

Discover Our Latest Motorized Curtains Dubai

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Amazing Features Our Electric Curtains

Have a look at the incredible features of our motorized curtains dubai.

  • Remote Control: Effortlessly control curtains with a user-friendly remote
  • Auto Scheduling: Set schedules for hands-free curtain management.
  • Smart Integration: Syncs with smart home systems for voice control.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimize natural light for energy savings all day.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy silent and smooth curtain movements.
  • UV Protection: Block the coming ultraviolet rays to protect your interiors.

Call Us For the Best Motorized Curtains Installation In Dubai 

Do you want these remote control curtains to fit in your windows? We’re a professional and experienced installation service provider in the UAE. With our affordable motorized curtains installation, you will enjoy an effortless life. 

Our company only employs the most professional people in our team. They are 24/7 available to install these automatic curtains at your place. We only use the latest techniques to hang and install these window covering to ensure the highest standards. Get ready to experience the hassle free automatic curtain installation in Dubai

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Why Choose Our Motorized Curtains Dubai? 

You will feel the luxury in your room by buying motorized window curtains in Dubai from our company. With 10+ years of experience, we know what curtain designs are in demand. Buy the remote-control curtains with the most attractive prints.

Durability: Our curtains are made to last for many years without any flaw. We use high-quality motors and fabrics to offer lasting performance.

Affordable Prices: We provide motorized curtains Dubai at affordable prices. You can get a free price quote without any obligation to buy.

Experienced Staff: Every person in our team is trained by well-known professionals for all smart curtain-fitting needs.

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What Else Do We Offer?  

When you get in touch with us you’ll enjoy many offers including:

  • Free Consultation: We provide free guidance about our curtains.
  • Quick Response: We respond to our customers without any delay.
  • Free Sampling: Ask for a free curtain sample at your home. 
  • Site Visit: Feel free to meet with our motorized curtain installation team.
  • Free Measurement: We measure your windows complimentary for perfect fit.
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What They’re Saying?

I recently used this curtain stitching service company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Dzila Dik

I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

Mirna Bitar

The alterations were done well and the curtains looked great, but the customer service was lacking. I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. Overall, I would use them again for the quality of their work, but they must improve customer service.

Salim Abid
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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorized drapes make life easier. Now, you can forget about the hassle of reaching high or wide windows to adjust your curtains. No need to strain yourself pulling on heavy drapes on large or tall windows.

These curtains make your place cool and energy efficient. You can schedule your curtains to open and close at certain times. These drapes make sure you get natural light on a single click. It’s an easy way to save your energy and time.

Absolutely, because of their modernization and advanced technology. People love to use them in their windows. It gives your interior a luxurious look and enhances the property value because it’s trendy.

The fancy curtains have built-in electric motors. These motors sit in the curtain track and can be used with a remote control or a smart home system.

These automatic can last upto five years. You just need to take care of them to keep them functional for many years. We provide all the precaution tips to our customers after every project.

We provide the automatic drapes which can be operated with several options. Some of the common control options of our motorized curtains include remote, wall-mounted switch, and voice command.