curtain rods Dubai

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At CurtainAlterationsDubai, we pride ourselves on being a Emirates-renowned manufacturer of custom curtain rods in Dubai.

Our craftsmen take great care in creating and hand-finishing each rod and curtain while we utilize machine methods to achieve true precision in  manufacturing processes.

curtain rods Dubai
curtains-rods dubai

Get Custom Curtain Rods Dubai With 2 Smart Controller

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We specialize in beautiful, unrivaled curtain rods that can produce stunning results in any color. Our exclusive range of curtain cafe rods and beautiful curtain corner rods is a vast example of our hard work & experience.

Therefore, we offer a wide variety of styles, from modern to contemporary, so you may find the perfect look for your home.

curtain rods Dubai
curtain rods Dubai

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curtain rods Dubai

Buy Rods, Brackets & Accessories Online from Curtain Rod Suppliers

We specialize in making one-of-a-kind rod pieces that will make you dream of more. Our specialties include bespoke curtain closing rods for French door windows, curtain Rods end caps, and curved curtain rods Dubai.

You may discover a full range of quality drapery hardware that will complement any project, including curtain alteration essentials and beautifully designed drapery hardware. we provide complimentary curtain tracks, rails, and decorative accessories. From linings to tools, we have everything you need.

Decorative Curtain Rods include:

  1. Curtain Rods with Brackets
  2. Adjustable Curtain Rods
  3. Acrylic Curtain Rods
  4. Apartment Friendly Curtain Rods

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Featured Curtain Rods Design & Styles

Which is better? Curtain Rod Vs Curtain Track 

Curtain Rod

🔨 Mounted on brackets

🔨 Limited placement options

🔨 May not support heavy curtains

🔨 Can be more cost-effective

🔨 Wider variety of decorative options

🔨 Typically visible

🔨 Not typically motorized

🔨 Cannot be easily curved

Curtain Track

🔨 Installed with screws and brackets

🔨 More flexible in terms of placement

🔨 Better suited for heavier curtains

🔨 Typically more expensive

🔨 Limited decorative options

🔨 Can be hidden behind pelmet or cornice

🔨 Can be motorized for remote control

🔨 Can be curved to fit curved windows

Notable Benefits of Drapery Rods Set

✓ Aesthetic appeal: Varieties of styles & finishes enhance the look 

✓ Durability: Save your money in the long run

✓ Versatility: Can be used with sheer, blackout, & decorative curtains

✓ Energy savings: Offer heat in winter & cool air in summer

✓ Functionality: Ensuring the curtain hang evenly and stay in place

✓ Privacy: Useful for bedrooms, bathrooms, and private areas

What They’re Saying?

I recently used this curtain stitching service company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Dzila Dik

I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

Mirna Bitar

The alterations were done well and the curtains looked great, but the customer service was lacking. I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. Overall, I would use them again for the quality of their work, but they must improve customer service.

Salim Abid
curtain rods Dubai
curtain rods Dubai
curtain rods Dubai
curtain rods Dubai

User FAQs Guide

Curtain rods need planning, window width, and curtain length. Choose curtains and rods. Bolt it. Hang and stretch curtains.

Clean curtain rods, sand the rods lightly, roughen them for painting, apply metal primer, paint.

Drywall curtain rods are tough to install. Fasten rods to wall studs. Screw or nail the rods to the studs. Use screws or nails long enough to penetrate walls and studs for stability.

Use hooks or sticky strips. Hardware shops sell adhesive strips and hooks. Tension rods may suspend curtain rods without drilling holes.

Yes, you can hang curtain rods with command strips, which hold the curtains securely and may be removed easily. Follow package guidelines for optimum results.

Heavy curtains or earthquake-prone locations may need curtain rod anchors. Light curtains and non-earthquake areas don’t need anchors.

A curtain rod is a point line because it has a defined starting and ending point, and it is also a line because it is linear. However, it is not a plane because it does not have two dimensions.

Depends on curtains’ weight and desired movement. Install curtains on studs if they’re heavy or you want them to glide easily.

This varies on the brand and curtain rod. Some curtain rods have latex. Contact the manufacturer to find out whether a curtain rod includes latex.

Because they’re sturdy and use costly decorations, and they are custom-made for windows, which boosts the price.

Unscrew the brackets and lower the rod by hand. Remove bracket screws using a drill. Hand-lower the curtain rod after removing the fasteners.

Curtain rods support curtains. They lets you hang curtains on windows, doors, and walls