How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Curtains?

By Curtainal on February 24, 2023

guide how to get wrinkles out of curtains

Curtains create captivating window appearances and therefore, are the most used window treatments all over the world. However, wrinkles distort the smoothness of a curtain panel thus, diminishing the overall beauty of your windows. Wrinkles drastically affect the appearance of the curtains and make them look unpleasant.

There are various reasons for curtains getting wrinkled. If you’re wondering how to get wrinkles out of curtains, then you’ve come across the most informative piece of writing. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with effective tips and tricks to make wrinkles-free curtains and restore their beauty. So, let’s get started and make your curtains look brand new again!

Wrinkle-Free Curtains; A Sight To Behold

The ideal choice of a curtain panel adds to the interior an immeasurable extent of ravishing beauty and therefore, uplifts the charm and attractiveness of the interior. The curtain pleat style is superbly enhanced by the smooth curtain panels draping the window.

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On the other hand, curtain panels with stubborn creases look crumbled and unpleasant thus, diminishing the interior decor and style.

Why Do Curtains Get Wrinkled?

Below, we’ve explained all the possible reasons for creased curtain appearances.


When you clean the curtains, the curtain panels get folded. When the folds persist for quite some time, they take the shape of wrinkles. The toughness of the wrinkle depends on the stress (strength of fold) that the curtain has to endure and the folding timespan.


The curtain panels are packaged to your address after getting dry-cleaned professionally. In that case, the curtains get creased. Again, the strength of the crease depends on how long the curtain panel remains in the packaging.


No need to say that washing is the major cause of creased curtain appearances. You can iron the curtain panels to remove creases if that’s the case.

The Most Effective Methods To Remove Wrinkles In Curtains

To get wrinkles out of curtains, start by steaming them with a handheld steamer or a steam iron. Alternatively, you can also try hanging them in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, as the steam will help to relax the fabric. If the wrinkles persist, use a fabric wrinkle release spray or dampen the curtains with water and then iron them on a low heat setting.

Below, we’ve described all the methods that you can apply to smoothen your creased curtain panels.

Steam Ironing

First on the list is the simplest trick that is commonly practiced in all households. Yes, we’re talking about ironing the curtain panels. You need to steam-iron the curtain panels. The steam will ease the removal of the wrinkles while the process of ironing totally removes all the wrinkles.

To perform the process, you need to be careful because certain types of fabrics get damaged with steam treatment like suede curtains. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for steaming curtains.

Hanging & Stretching

Hanging the curtain panel in a steamed room works wonders for wrinkle removal. That’s because the steam softens the stubborn creases which can be later completely removed by stretching the fabric. Don’t worry, you can get a steam-filled room within ten minutes by closing all the doors and windows of your bathroom and turning on the hot water tap.

By Using A Clothes Dryer

Don’t get confused with the idea of using a clothes dryer for getting wrinkles out of curtains. Because you’ll get instant and promising results with this procedure when performed correctly. To get this objective, you need to place curtains in the dryer with 2-3 small dry towels.

The towels will keep the curtain panel from clumping in the dryer. Once positioned, set the dryer to complete one full cycle. The dryer should be adjusted to low heat settings during this period.

Wrinkle Release Spray

Till now, all the methods described demand you put effort into the process. Here is an effortless way to remove creases from curtains i.e. wrinkle free spray for curtains. You can buy this spray from the market. You just need to spray the wrinkled area on the curtain panel and wait for at least 10 minutes for the chemical to start the action.

Actually, the chemical makes the curtain fabric somewhat soft and therefore, the chances of wrinkles are reduced to a great extent. No need to mention that you’ll save yourself from all the hassle of ironing, hanging, and drying the stretched curtain panel.

Hire A Professional For The Job

Still, it may happen that the wrinkles show no signs of going away any time sooner. Or, you want to enjoy the neat, clean, and smooth curtain appearances just like when newly bought. No matter the reason, you may have to call for professional curtain cleaning and fixing services to get your aim fulfilled.

Things To Avoid When Removing Curtain Wrinkles

You should be aware that harsh chemicals or ironing the curtain panel directly can cause permanent damage to the curtain panel. Below, we’ve briefly explained some important parameters that if neglected can cost you the entire curtain panel.

  • Don’t apply harsh chemicals or products with bleach to the curtains for removing creases. These chemicals will cause discoloration of the curtain panel alongside causing damage to the fabric strength of the curtains.
  • Always check for the temperature of the iron before ironing and never iron the curtain panel directly. It means you need to place a thin, soft piece of clothing when ironing the curtains.

Tips For Maintaining Wrinkle-Free Curtains

One can’t get away with cleaning and washing the curtains. Therefore, we’ve explained some of the noteworthy tips that will help you to keep the curtains wrinkle-free and smooth.

  1. When done with cleaning or washing the curtains, you need to fold them proportionately for equal folds. By doing so, you won’t face the problem of wrinkles all over the surface of the curtains. And only the fold lines are to be pressed or ironed for smooth curtain appearances.
  2. When storing or packaging the curtains, you need to be careful as well. Because inordinate packaging will create stubborn creases on the surface of curtains.

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Blackout Curtains?

A steamer or a steam iron can be used to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains. Hanging the blackout curtains isn’t much effective in this case because the fabric is thick and lined with blackout liner.

2. How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Sheer Curtains?

All you need is a spray bottle filled with clean water to dampen the wrinkled area of the sheer curtain panel. Then, it should be left to air dry for the removal of creases.

3. How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Velvet Curtains?

For this purpose, you should not iron the velvet curtains but rather use a steamer to dry the moisture entrapped in the fabrics. The creases will be removed after that.

4. How Can I Remove Wrinkles From Curtains Without An Iron?

You can either place the curtains in the dryer or use a wrinkle-release spray in this regard. Also, hanging the curtain panel in a steamy room proves to be an effective solution.

5. Can I Use A Hairdryer To Remove Wrinkles From Curtains?

Yes, you can use a hairdryer for this purpose but make sure to set it on low heat setting to prevent any damage to your valuable investment.

6. What Is The Best Wrinkle Release Spray For Curtains?

The Rapid Touch-Up 3-in-1 wrinkle-release spray by Bounce is the best option available on the market. It’s ideal for nearly all types of curtain fabrics and leaves behind a sweet smell with effective and instant results.

7. Can I Hang Wrinkled Curtains And Let Gravity Do The Work?

No, it’s not a good option to let the wrinkled curtains get treated by themselves. Depending on the type of curtain fabric, it’ll take a lot of time and won’t be effective in some situations at all.

8. Can I Use Vinegar To Remove Wrinkles From Curtains?

Not commonly used but a vinegar and water combination in a spray bottle can be applied to dampen the wrinkled areas of the curtains. It is an effective method for removing wrinkles from the curtains.


Wrinkled curtain appearances are not desired and therefore, should be resolved with effective methods for neat, clean, and flawless window treatment appearances. The tips and tricks to maintain wrinkle-free curtains have also been a part of the discussion. With effortless solutions at hand, you need not worry about curtain creases anymore.

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