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Welcome to our Curtain Alterations Shop Dubai that makes the best curtain tracks easy to buy and install. Our library of curtains and tracks always facilitates your decision to buy, we also have sample track kits for measuring, and friendly technical support is available. You can now choose centre-open, left or right-hand stack, or free-floating curtain track with us.

aluminium tracks Dubai


We take pride in offering the perfect style, form, and function solution for your needs. Our expertise, high-quality products, and excellent customer service can help create a more efficient and enjoyable environment in your facility.

Heavy-Duty Aluminium Tracks

For all your industrial curtain system needs, browse our heavy-duty Series. We have the best aluminium and metal track support components, including industrial top Aluminium Recovery Tracks and hanging hooks, wheel hangers, and track connectors.

aluminium tracks Dubai
aluminium tracks Dubai

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aluminium tracks Dubai

Don’t Be Fooled by Cheap Curtain Tracks

Our company’s tracks are made with precision and high-quality materials to ensure their longevity.

We’re equipped with our own unique accessories, like Straight Aluminium Sliding Tracks, Bay window curtain track, Bow window curtain track, ceiling mounted curtain track system, ceiling Aluminium Door Tracks, ceiling mount curtain rod, shower curtain track system, sliding curtain track system, wall mount curtain track, ceiling mounted drapery track, ceiling curtain track system, curved curtain rails, hospital curtain track system, and ceiling drape.

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Comparison Between Curtain Track Vs Curtain Rod 

Curtain Track

🔨 Installed with screws and brackets

🔨 More flexible in terms of placement

🔨 Better suited for heavier curtains

🔨 Typically more expensive

🔨 Limited decorative options

🔨 Can be hidden behind pelmet or cornice

🔨 Can be motorized for remote control

🔨 Can be curved to fit curved windows

Curtain Rod

🔨 Mounted on brackets

🔨 Limited placement options

🔨 May not support heavy curtains

🔨 Can be more cost-effective

🔨 Wider variety of decorative options

🔨 Typically visible

🔨 Not typically motorized

🔨 Cannot be easily curved

We are Leading Supplier for Aluminium Curtain Tracks 

What They’re Saying?

I recently used this curtain stitching service company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Dzila Dik

I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

Mirna Bitar

The alterations were done well and the curtains looked great, but the customer service was lacking. I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. Overall, I would use them again for the quality of their work, but they must improve customer service.

Salim Abid
aluminium tracks Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Score the track with a sharp knife or saw before cutting. Snap the track along the scored line using pliers after snapping the track, file, or sand the edges.

Aluminium is soft and easy to work with. So heat the bendable area with a heat gun. Use a jig or clamp to bend the aluminium to avoid overbent.

You Need White vinegar, baking soda, and a sponge. Equal parts white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda make a paste. Use a sponge to scrape window tracks.

Aluminium window tracks need silicon-based lubrication, and most hardware shops sell these lubricants. Apply oil to the tracks and move the window to distribute it.

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