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No.1 Curtain Alteration Service Dubai


You Can Easily Find the Best Curtains Alteration Tailor at Curtain Alterations Dubai. Our Work Is Guaranteed to Be Good and Is Done by Professionals with a Lot of Experience. We Offer a Safe, Stress-Free Way to Change Curtains in a Very Stylish Way. We Want to Give Our Clients as Much Creative Freedom as Possible Over the Curtain and Drapery Alteration

curtain alteration Dubai
curtain alteration Dubai
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curtain alteration Dubai

Fast Curtains Fitting within 48 hours

When People Order Alterations for Curtains and Drapes, They Provide the Materials They Want to Use. This Way, They Know Right Away How Good Their Dresses Will Be.

This Also Makes the Final Product Much Cheaper Since They Only Have to Pay After the Work Gets Completed.

That Goes into Making It. Doing This Ensures That Our Customers Are Happy and Pay a Fair Price.

Alterations & Fitting Gallery

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Transform your living space with custom-fit curtains – Book your alteration appointment today!

Get Curtain Stitching Services at Factory-Price

We’re experts in curtains – from shortening them to relining and altering white and colored curtains. If you need curtains made to fit your home, we’re happy to oblige; only the best materials are used in our work.

We also create bespoke curtains alternatives to large window curtains according to the client demand for event theme, color combinations, and many other special occasions.

This allows us to create a unique look for your event that will wow your guests. Feel Free to Call Us if You Have Any Questions.

curtain alteration Dubai
curtain alteration Dubai
curtain alteration Dubai

Perfect Curtain Resizing at 10% Discount

If your curtain fabric is still in good condition and you’re looking to do some amendments to the curtain, then why not reuse the fabric instead of buying new curtains – especially if you’re moving house or giving a room a makeover? You can save money and still get the look you want. We offer

  • Customized Curtains
  • Curtain Alterations
  • Curtain Refitting
  • Curtain Stitching & Tailoring
  • Curtain Hanging & Resizing

Difference Between Curtain Alteration & Curtain Tailoring

Curtain Alteration

🔨 Adjustments to Existing Curtains

🔨 Typically quicker and less expensive than curtain tailoring

🔨 Suitable for Minor Changes

🔨 Suitable for Budget-Friendly Option

🔨 Quick and Convenient

🔨 Adjust the length or width of curtains

Tailoring Curtains

🔨 Creation of New Curtains

🔨 Time-Consuming and Costly

🔨 Ideal for Customized Look

🔨 Ideal for High-End Look

🔨 Takes More Time and Planning

🔨 Change the entire style or fabric of the curtains

Proven Benefits/Features Of Our Curtain Tailoring Service

✓ Perfect fit for your curtains

✓ Professional and precise alterations

✓ Improved appearance of your home décor

✓ Increased longevity of your curtains

✓ Enhanced privacy and light control

✓ Time-saving and convenient

curtain alteration Dubai

How to Measure Curtains for Alterations?

If you need to have your curtains altered, it is important to know how to measure them correctly. Here are some tips on how to do this: Firstly, you will need to measure the width of the adjustable curtain rod.

Secondly, measure the drop from the top of the curtain hanging pole to where you want the curtains to finish.

Thirdly, measure the width of the curtains at the point where you want them to be altered.

Finally, measure the length from the top of the curtains to the point where you want them to be altered.

Professional Curtain Fixing & Alteration

Curtain Alterations Dubai

Our Reviews

I recently used this curtain stitching service company and I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Dzila Dik

I came to their showroom the team was very flexible and professional. The alterations were done perfectly and the curtains looked like new. However, I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. However, I would recommend.

Mirna Bitar

The alterations were done well and the curtains looked great, but the customer service was lacking. I had a hard time getting in touch with them and they were not very responsive to my inquiries. Overall, I would use them again for the quality of their work, but they must improve customer service.

Salim Abid
curtain alteration Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

You may change your curtains’ length without buying new ones.

  1. Measure the curtains top to bottom and add or remove the desired amount.
  2. Cut the new cloth measurement.
  3. Hem the borders.
  4. Rehang the curtains and enjoy your work!

It can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 to have your curtains altered, depending on the fabric, the style of the curtains, and the extent of the alterations.

A hot glue gun can attach fresh fabric to drapes. Velcro can connect fresh fabric to curtains. Grommets are another technique to connect fresh fabric to curtains.

Yes, Curtains are changeable! It’s simpler to change curtains than clothes. To fit your window, curtains can be lengthened, shortened and widened. Most curtain alteration experts can also change the heading or add a valance.

Eyelet curtains are easy to hang and look vintage. To suit your window, you may need to change them. Some suggestions like Measure your window to calculate fabric needs, Cut the cloth to size, allowing enough to hem, Mark the cloth center.

Get new curtains in a different colour or design. To update net curtains, add trim or other decorations. Finally, you may hang them differently by adding tiebacks or lengthening them. To update your house, you may simply change your net curtains.

Reasons to Hire Top Curtain-Tailored Company

  1. Professional Alterations
  2. Sustainable Eco-Friendly Materials
  3. 24 Hours Turn Around Time
  4. Free Onsite Visit
  5. Free Pickup & Delivery
  6. Lowest Prices
  7. 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
  8. 24/7 Customer Support