Terms and ConditionsĀ 

a) The terms and conditions described in this document apply to all CurtainAlterationsDubai customizing curtains and drapes to their Limited customers who buy custom-made blinds and curtains or want to change or repair their curtains and drapes.

b) Loss includes loss of earnings, savings, income, or data, as well as any other claim for supposed damages, loss, responsibility, or expenses, according to these Terms.

c) Personal Information is defined following the Privacy Act of 2022.

d) Product refers to any bespoke item manufactured in compliance with these terms.

e) Product Specifications refers to the Information pertinent to your purchase as indicated on the order form.

f) Services include the manufacturing of blinds and curtains made to order.

g) Terms refer to the present Terms and Conditions.

h) We, we, and us refer to CurtainAlterationsDubai Furnishing Fabrics Limited (entity number 5818549).

i) You refer to either you or if operating on behalf of a third party, you and that third party.

Use of These Phrases

a) By submitting payment for your purchase, you attest to the following:

b) In accepting these Terms, you accept the legal obligations outlined below.

c) You can bind a third party to these Terms if you accept them on their behalf.

d) The Product Specifications are accurate and to your requirement.

If you do not agree to these Terms, we will not supply you with the Services until we make a separate written agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, these Terms replace all existing agreements or arrangements between you and the Site.


  • All prices include the Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise specified according to the decided rate of UAE Govt.
  • All prices exclude shipping charges. If your purchase is to be delivered by courier, you will be advised before placing your order of any applicable shipping fees.
  • If a computer or technological mistake causes a misrepresentation of your order’s price, we may advise you of this before commencing work on your order and compel you to pay the difference between the amount you actually paid for your order and the right amount due.

Purchase Conditions

By engaging our services, you affirm and warrant the following

a) You have the legal authority to do so.

b) The Product Specification is accurate.

c) You shall pay us in full when you confirm your purchase, and you will not cancel or rescind your payment in any manner.

d) You will supply us with all Personal Information necessary for us to provide you with our Services, such as your name, email address, phone and/or mobile number, mailing and billing addresses, and payment information (including credit card and/or banking information).

e) All Information (including Personal Information) provided by you is accurate and complete.

f) You accept that we will not begin working on your purchase until we receive complete payment.

g) Once payment has been completed, you can cancel your purchase unless we specifically agree to the cancellation in writing.

h) We are not liable for any repercussions resulting from any mistakes or misstatements made by you during the supply of our services.

i) We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on products manufactured according to the Product Specifications.

k) We retain the right to decline your order at our sole discretion and without explanation.

5. Liability Limitation and Indemnification

  • Nothing in these Terms eliminates or restricts any statutory rights you may have that cannot be excluded. The Consumer Protection Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 repeals the Federal Law No. 24 of 2006. The purpose of the new legislation is to preserve all consumer rights, including the right to standard quality products and services and the right to get them at the advertised price.
  • You indemnify us for any loss we experience or incur as a direct or indirect consequence of your failure to comply with these Terms.
  • To waive a claim under these Terms, we must do so in writing.
  • If any portion or term of these Terms is or becomes unlawful, unenforceable, or invalid, that portion or provision will be considered changed to the extent necessary to rectify the illegality, unenforceability, or invalidity. If a revision is not practicable, the section or provision must be considered severed from these terms for all purposes. The remaining provisions of these Terms are obligatory on you.

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