How To Clean Sheer Curtains Easily at Home? Expert Tips

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You want to have sheer curtains in your home, but you are not certain how you’ll keep them clean? We are here to help you know how to clean sheer curtains easily at home. If the weather is warm, then that’s the best chance you’ll get to clean the sheer curtains easily and thoroughly. Make sure whoever you get your curtains off and you get the care instructions. Most curtains are machine washable, but there are a lot of curtains out there that are dry clean only.

How To Clean Sheer Curtains

Items You Need to Clean Sheer Curtains Easily at Home

Before we dive into the cleaning process of sheer curtains, let’s go through the products you’ll need to wash your sheer curtains.

  • Safety Ladder
  • Delicate Detergent or Liquid
  • Cleaning Supplies

Steps to Clean Sheer Curtains Easily at Home 

So, without any delay, let’s get started with How To Clean Sheer Curtains Easily at Home.

1. Safely remove the sheer from the track

safely remove the sheer from the track

Use a safety ladder, of course, and unhook the curtain hooks. To remove the sheer from the track, push the back of the hookup and pull it out.

2. Remove the plastic hooks

When you’ve got the curtain down, take off the plastic hooks before putting them in the washing machine because you don’t want them to get clogged up in the washing machine.

When you take them out you’ll see it’s got a little bit of a divot of where the hook’s been in. So you need to remember this because that’s where we need to put the hooks when we hook the curtain back up.

3. Clean the Window Area

Don’t forget to clean the window area because there’s no point in putting a beautiful new wash curtain back up if you’ve still got really dirty windows.

4. Correct Washing Machine Settings and Washing Liquid to Use

Machine Wash Curtains

Remember to check with your supplier about the care instructions. Most suppliers always specify cold wash.

Now, the cold wash isn’t 30 degrees. It’s cold, so on your washing machine, make sure it says cold. You can use everyday settings, but if you feel more confident, use the delicate settings.

Reduce your spin to only 800, and you can use the delicate detergent or liquid if you’ve got it. Put a tiny bit of detergent in the washing machine.

5. Hang Sheer Curtains to Dry

Press the play button on the washing machine to let the sheer curtain wash when the curtain has finished washing. Most people put the curtain out on the line’ but out on the line, who’s got a line big enough to put a curtain?

Also, if you’ve got any luck, you have issues with birds and things making them dirty again, so the best thing to do is hang the sheer curtains straight back up in the room at their original place.

6. Put the Hooks Back in Your Sheer Curtain Correctly

To put the hooks back in, as we said earlier, you need to look at where the divots are in the curtain. You will see the divot up on the curtain and pull it through. If you can’t see the divots anymore, it’s always an even space. You need to start at the end to put it back up, and it’s one hook for one carrier.

7. Safely Re-hang Your Sheer Curtains

Safely Re-hang Your Sheer Curtains

Now, it’s really important not to miss one hook. If you miss one, you need to start all over again, so just do it slowly. When you get to the end, and you’ve got one too many hooks or one too many carriers. So, each carrier has to have a hook. That’s how you make it perfect.


How do you clean sheer curtains at home?

If you are also searching for how to clean sheer curtains easily at home, make sure you add water in half of the machine trunk. Let them stay in the water for 5 minutes. If you want, you can use a whitening agent with a mild detergent.

Can sheer curtains be dry-cleaned?

Yes, they can be dry cleaned; wash them in small loads using cold water. Choose the “delicate” setting on the machine with the lowest heat setting and select mild detergent if you want to avoid color fade and shrinkage.

Do sheer curtains shrink when washed?

Yes, they can if you’re careless. So, it’s best to use professional dry cleaning for cotton or silk sheer curtains. Avoid using hot water to wash these drapes. Please always check the washing and caring instructions first.

What is the best whitener for net curtains?

The best whitening medium for net curtains is a cup of lemon juice or a cup of white vinegar. This homemade solution will bring whiteness to the net curtain of your home or office by bringing out all the dirt from them.

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