Best Types of Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

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It is so crucial to choose the right type of curtains for the nurseries. There are many types of blackout curtains that will be discovered in this blog. Read this blog till the end to choose the best types of blackout curtains for the nursery and your kids’s comfort.

Why are Blackout Curtains Necessary for the Nursery?

Best Types of Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

Since infants spend almost 70% of their time sleeping, a sleep-friendly atmosphere is the primary need of a nursery. That’s why blackout curtains for nurseries are necessary. When a baby sleeps after making too much noise, no one would like the baby to wake, especially the parents.

For babies to sleep comfortably without disturbance, blackout curtains play an important role by stopping the light from entering the nursery window. Any curtain can prevent light from entering your infant’s nursery window, but choose the best blackout curtains for the nursery.

Especially in urban areas, these curtains help eliminate light and noise in nurseries. Due to the best quality, blackout nursery curtains block out all incoming light and don’t let even a shadow of you be visible from the other side. Designs and blackout curtain products make your house look like Heaven on Earth. Here are some of the best features that are added by blackout curtains in the nursery.

  • Light and Noise Blocking
  • Sleep-Friendly
  • Versatile Design Options
  • Custom Stitching and Designs
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Privacy Improvement

Best Blackout Curtains Designs for Nursery

Best Types of Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

Blackout nursery curtains come in various designs to suit different preferences and themes. Different kinds of nursery curtains are created, whether people like simple or luxurious ones. Some major types of high-demand designs in blackout nursery curtains are as follows:

  • Animals and Characters
  • Nature and Scenery
  • Geometric Patterns
  • Pastel Colors and Soft Patterns
  • Themed Designs
  • Gender-Neutral Designs

Top 5 Blackout Curtains Types for Nurseries

Best Types of Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

Many people use many blackout curtain types according to their needs. Following are the top 5 blackout curtain types that people use mostly:

  • Panel Blackout Curtains

They are made of single panels of fabric, and these curtains block the light completely when closed and fully blackout the room.

  • Thermal Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are specially designed to regulate temperature because of their thermal lining. These are energy efficient because they insulate against heat and cold.

  • Grommet Blackout Curtains

These motorized curtains have grommets at the top that help them open and close through sliding. These blackout curtains give a moderate look and are easy to use.

  • Roller Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are used by rolling up and down. They don’t allow the light to pass through, and they save space, which makes them suitable for many spaces.

  • Pleated Blackout Curtains

These elegant folded sheer curtains, when combined with blackout curtains, effectively block the incoming light in the room or any other space.

Tips for Choosing the Best Blackout Curtain for Nurseries

Best Types of Blackout Curtains For the Nursery

While choosing the best blackout curtain for nurseries so that your little one can sleep comfortably, consider the following features:

  • Light-Blocking Capability

If you want your nursery to be fully blacked out so your baby can sleep peacefully, choose a curtain that can completely stop the passage of light.

  • High-Quality Material

Ensure that your curtain’s material is soft, breathable, and top quality, like polyester or cotton blends, so that your curtain baby can breathe without getting infected.

  • Colors and Patterns

Make sure that the color and pattern of your blackout curtain match the walls and interior of your nursery so that it looks beautiful.

  • Easily Maintained

While choosing blackout for the nursery, be careful that it’s easy to maintain. If you try to wash or clean it, it looks as new as the new one with a simple wash or cleaning.

  • Length and Width

When choosing a blackout curtain, don’t forget to take proper measurements of your window to ensure that you get the best curtain alteration with desired length and width.

  • Customization Features

If necessary, go for customized options so that the blackout curtain matches your choice and suits your room’s design, color, and space.


There are many blackout curtain types that many curtain suppliers offer, and every curtain type has its features and characteristics that make it suitable for many options. You can choose any type of blackout curtain that suits your choice. While choosing a blackout curtain for your nursery, check the quality, light-blocking capability, color, patterns, length and width, and other things that are crucial to providing the best overall experience. If you are uncomfortable with ready-made blackout curtains, try customized options to get suitable curtains according to your choices.


What type of curtains are best for a nursery?

If you want your baby to sleep without disturbance, blackout curtains for nursery rooms are a great idea. These curtains block most of the light during the day for nap time and provide greater room darkening at bedtime.

What type of curtain is best for blackout?

The best clothing and blackout curtain fabrics for blackout are polyester and cotton because these two curtains balance each other perfectly. While cotton isn’t as effective as polyester at blocking light, it has aesthetic appeal and is eco-friendly.

How do you measure blackout curtains for a nursery?

If it’s comfortable, you can easily measure blackout curtains for the nursery by starting to measure the width of your window. Otherwise, you can hire a professional or can take help from anyone else.

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