How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

By Curtainal on February 24, 2023

Curtains Hanging Step by Step Guide

Curtains are one of the most used window treatments all across the globe for creating sophisticated window appearances. The unmatched versatility of curtain options in terms of design, style, color, fabric, etc allows you to switch window outlooks accordingly.

However, most of the curtain treatments require drilling and often damaging walls, which might not be an acceptable factor for everyone. So there does arise a need for a drilling-less method for the curtain fitting.

The Reasons To Not Drill Holes In The Walls?

First of all, the seamless appeal of the interior design gets alleviated up to a significant extent by drilling holes in the walls. You can also take it as creating flaws in the interior design yourself. Hanging curtains by drilling holes is no different from what everyone has been doing for decades.

So, you should have a unique approach to hanging curtains. Lastly, there are a lot of problems associated with drilling holes in the walls such as pipe sticking, lost circulation, hole deviation, etc. Thus, the no-drill method for hanging curtains gets you out of all that fuss.

The Best Alternatives To Hang Curtains Without Drilling Walls

Long gone are the days when curtain rod brackets were the only option for hanging window coverings. Now, there are a large number of possible alternatives and we’ve summarized and explained them below.

1. Make Use Of Command Hooks

And strips that get attached or stick to the walls strongly and function the same as curtain rod brackets i.e. there is an apparent groove to place the curtain rod. Hence, there’s no need for drilling holes in the wall.

However, you’ll have to pick the ideal size command hooks that are strong enough to support the entire weight of the curtain panel. Similarly, the diameter of the curtain rod should also be taken into consideration for easy placements and fittings.

2. Hang Curtains With Tension Rods

Another great idea is to use tension rods for hanging curtains. Just as the name indicates, these rods are hung by tension and require no screws, hooks, or other accessories for hanging curtains. Also, tension rods are installed inside the window frames and come in limited style options.

For curtain hangings, you need to buy the right size tension rod (prefer an adjustable rod) and make adjustments for properly fitting the window. Pass the curtains through the tension rod and tighten the rod to secure it in place.

3. Apply Magnetic Curtain Rods

If you’ve metallic wall panels installed throughout the interior (another great reason to have no-drill curtain installations), you’ll have to buy magnetic curtain rods for hanging curtains. You can find magnetic rods available on the market in a wide variety of striking appearances.

So, the choice of an appealing magnetic rod to hang curtains won’t prove to be a challenging task. Adding further, the weight-bearing capacity of the magnetic rod should always be considered for an ideal selection. Not to mention that buying the ideal length of the magnetic curtain rod is all that matters.

Next, you need to mount the curtain rod onto the wall for ideal height adjustments. Put marking over the desired height for adjustments later-on. Then, take off the curtain rod and pass it through the curtains. Now, you can hang the curtains.

4. Use Adhesive Curtain Rod Brackets

Much similar to the command hooks and strips in design and function, these brackets also adhere to the wall surfaces and allow curtain rod placements. Again the strength of the brackets should be idealized according to the weight of the curtain rod.

For attachment purposes, always check that both the curtain brackets are installed at the same height for even rod placements and smooth curtain functioning. Otherwise, you’ll face difficulty in opening and closing the curtains.

5. Hang Curtains With Velcro Adhesive Strips

As in the name, velcro basically is a series of adhesive strips that are attached to the top of the window and adhere strongly to the curtain panels. This way you can easily mount the curtain panel without needing to drill holes in the wall.

6. Stick-On Curtain Rods Are A Great Idea

Instead of buying adhesive hooks or strips, you can go for stick-on curtain rods that get attached to the wall surfaces. You’ll find a range of style options for ideal selections. However, the right size selection should be your primary concern always.

For wall attachments, you need to peel off the backing of the rod brackets and stick them to the wall with some gentle pressure for quite a while. Then, leave the stick-on rod as it is for at least an hour or two. Now, you can hang the curtains by attaching the panel to the clip rings.

7. Twist & Fit Rods For Hanging Curtains

Designed with accentuated flourishing profiles, twist-and-fit curtain rods appear to mimic traditional curtain rods and fit inside the window frame. You’ll not need to drill holes for hanging your window curtains with these rods.

All you have to do is to buy the right length and size of the rod for ideal placement inside the window. The best idea is to buy adjustable rods for accommodation purposes. Lastly, you can hang the curtains in place on the rod by passing them through the rod.

Prioritize Buying No-Drill Window Curtains

If you’ve decided to not hang curtains via drilling, you should opt for window curtains that don’t require you to drill holes in the walls. Below, we’ve enlisted all such possible options.

  • Clip-on Window Curtains
  • Magnetic Window Blinds
  • Custom Compression Shades
  • Stick-on Curtains

Some Important Considerations To No-Drill Window Curtain Applications

When it comes to selecting hardware and accessories for no-drill curtains, all that matters is the curtain size measurements and weight considerations. Therefore, you should take repeated measurements for the length of the curtains. And the same goes for the weight of the curtain panel.

That’s necessary because there’s no point in buying command hooks or adhesive strips that can’t support the weight of the curtain panel. Similarly, adjustable rods can’t account for more than 1200 mm for enlargements or 700 mm for reductions.

The Tips & Tricks To Ensure Secure Installations For No-Drill Curtains

No-Drill window treatments are usually hung with adhesive hooks or strips or get suspended by tension rods. You should follow the guidelines explained below for sound and secure no-drill curtain installations.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for hardware assembling and when dealing with different curtain accessories.
  • Make sure to clean the wall surface and the curtains prior to any kind of adhesive strip or hook application. Otherwise, the adhesive brackets, velcro strips, and command hooks, etc. won’t offer the desired traction for supporting the weight of the curtain panel.
  • Never make use of tension rods for hanging too heavy or bulky curtains.
  • When attaching the strips or hooks to the walls, always keep in mind the length of the curtains. Contrarily, the curtains may pool over the floors and look unpleasant.

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The Fundamental Significance Of Having No-Drill Window Treatments

The perks and pros of having drill-free window treatments are briefly explained below.

  • Damage-Free Walls: You’ve just got over with a home interior renovation project and can’t afford any flaws in the interior design. Don’t worry, you can opt for drill-free ways to hang your window dressing to capitalize on the interior aesthetics for the time being.
  • Effortless Installations: All that fuss to rent a drill machine (in case, not available at home) and drilling hole problems gets eliminated with super easy installations of the no-drill window treatments.
  • No-drill Window Curtains: Account for a somewhat unique approach to hanging curtains without compromising their aesthetic appeal.

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

Why is curtain drilling necessary

Curtain drilling is necessary to securely attach curtain rods or tracks to walls or ceilings so that curtains can be hung and displayed properly.

Can I drill curtains without damaging my walls or ceilings?

Drilling holes will always leave some marks, but you can minimize damage by using the proper tools, drilling in the right location, and patching any holes when you remove the curtains.

What tools do I need for curtain drilling?

You will need a drill, drill bits, a pencil, a level, curtain tape measuring, a stud finder (if drilling into a wall), and screws or anchors to attach the curtain rod or track.

How do I choose the right drill bit for curtain drilling?

The drill bit size will depend on the size of the screws or anchors you are using. It is important to choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw or anchor to ensure a snug fit.

Can I drill curtains into plaster walls?

Yes, you can drill curtains into plaster walls, but you will need to use special plaster anchors or toggle bolts to ensure a secure installation.

What should I do if I make a mistake while drilling for curtains?

If you make a mistake while drilling for curtains, you can patch the hole with spackle or putty and repaint the area once it is dry.

How do I determine the proper height for hanging curtains?

The height of your curtains will depend on the height of your ceiling and the length of your curtains. Generally, curtains should be hung 4-6 inches above the window frame and extend to the floor or just below the window sill.

Can I install curtain rods or tracks without drilling?

Yes, there are alternatives to drilling, such as using tension rods or adhesive hooks, but these may not be as secure as drilling and may not be suitable for heavy curtains.

In Summary

Drill-free curtain installations are a great option for people who don’t want to inflict damage upon their home interior design. In this post, we’ve proposed various methods that you can count on, for hanging curtains without drilling such as using velcro strips, adhesive brackets, command hooks, tension rods, stick-on curtain rods, etc. Depending on your personal choice preferences, you can easily make an ideal selection.

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