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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

By Curtainal on February 14, 2023

10 ways to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter

Homeowners are always searching for methods to save money on heating and cooling. Today, CurtainAlterationsDubai Shop will discuss ways energy-efficient curtains may enhance your house and save electricity bills.

Window attachments are goods that may be mounted inside or externally to a window to increase energy efficiency, provide a more pleasant climate, minimize glare, give privacy, and improve the aesthetic and value of your house.

Energy-Efficient Curtains Save Utility Bills

Insulating materials are measured by their R-values, and insulation effectiveness increases with increasing value. The bulk of your home’s energy loss goes through the windows, and this is so because windows have a lower R-value than walls.

Older homes with original windows might be depressing to live in during the winter because cold air can seep in. The benefits of installing energy-efficient windows are so much that if you know, you will like this.

All Buildings Should Have Energy-Saving Window

Traditional double-pane windows convert 86% of sunshine into heat during cooler seasons. Comfort, temperature management, and energy savings may be achieved using window coverings.

The savings depend on the attachment type, season, climate, and usage. Storm windows with insulation coatings and multilayer glazing reduce solar heat gain and improve window thermal efficiency.

Cold Season

During the winter, most houses endure heat loss and cold air infiltration via windows, which attract heat and transmit it to the outside. As warm air exits your house, your heating cost will climb.

Hot Season

During the summer, the reverse occurs in residences. On windows, chilly air, often chilled by central air conditioning, gathers. The windows transport this coolness from their internal surfaces to the outside.

As your home’s central air conditioning system works harder to maintain cool temperatures, it consumes more energy. Your energy cost rises, and the lifespan of your central air conditioning equipment reduces.

Operating Window Treatments

You can leave your window coverings open or closed to maintain your privacy, maximize the amount of natural light that enters the room, benefit from solar heat in the winter, and reduce the amount of heat that enters the room in the summer. Various window coverings are available, including curtains, shades, draperies or blinds, screens, and shutters.

Use of Special Automate Windows Updated Devices

If it is winter and expected to be bright, open the window covers in the morning to enable the sun to heat your house throughout the day, focusing on the windows that get direct sunshine.

To decrease heat absorption during the summer, you may close window coverings. Remove the coverings from the windows shaded by the sun to let in natural light.

From insulation and double glazing to cold showers and house plants, here are some of the most effective summertime tips, techniques, and hacks for keeping your home cool.

Double or Triple-Glazed Windows

Energy-efficient windows are promoted largely for preserving heat in the winter, but they may also aid in keeping heat out in the summer. You will require building regulations permission to install new windows to guarantee that they fulfill specified energy efficiency criteria.

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It’s good to let natural light into your house, but if you’re away during the day, keep your curtains and blinds drawn to prevent heat from entering.

Upgrade Your Lighting System

Remember that you will need to upgrade your lighting system to use more energy-efficient bulbs in LED lighting. Inefficient light bulbs are incandescent bulbs, and only 10 to 15 percent of their energy is turned into light; the rest is converted into waste heat.

LED lights use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and run much cooler than traditional incandescent lights. Consider placing a bucket of ice and cold water before a fan to help circulate cold air if the fan is not adequately cooling the space.

Do Not Leave Electrical Gadgets in Standby Mode

Electronic devices, particularly computers, and TVs, may create tremendous heat. Do not keep your electrical equipment on standby or charging overnight to preserve a cooler room. Leaving TVs on standby raises the risk of home fires.

Not only would turning off your television save you money, as standby mode consumes 80% of a television’s energy, but it will also avoid a fire!

Use the Sunlight Than Electricity

Although increasing temperatures are a concern, we can take advantage of more sunlight by installing solar panels. In addition to reducing your energy expenditures, you may sell any extra energy to your power provider.

Ensure That You Have Sufficient Insulation

Your home will stay warm throughout the winter with sufficient insulation, which also shields it from the heat in the summer. Your attic should be well insulated between and under the rafters, as well as between the walls and roof.

Introduce Houseplants

Introduce Houseplants often aid air purification through photosynthesis by converting the carbon dioxide we exhale into oxygen. The plants often release water from their leaves into the air to cool themselves and their environment.

Keep In Mind That Warm Air Rises Sleep Downstairs

Create a bedroom or sleeping place on the ground floor of your house, and it makes for a much cooler night’s sleep.

Utilize Your Freezer

Do you resort to using a hot water bottle in the cold winter months to get cozy? As it turns out, it also works well in the summertime. To make ice packs for the bed, fill hot water bottles with cold water and freeze them.

In The End

Curtains contribute significantly to the thermal efficiency of your house, but they may also be a major source of energy loss. You won’t need to replace your windows if you install them since they can be readily adjusted to regulate the temperature in your house.

For homeowners, this might be a great way to save costs on monthly utility bills. If you rent, you could get your landlord to pay for the alteration of your curtains. Either way, this is a great way to save energy and money!

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